Travel tips



• Cyprus is a member of the European Union since 1st May 2004 with Euro being the official currency since 1st January 2008.

• Visas: No visas are required for entry into Cyprus by nationals of most European countries. Nationals of other countries should contact the nearest Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus, or if none, the nearest British Consulate.

• Vaccination: None required.

• Tap water is drinkable.

• Banks in Cyprus open for the public from 08:30 to 13.30. Automatic Exchange Machines and ATM Machines operate on a 24-hour basis. Certain banks in tourist areas open during the afternoon.

• The voltage on the island is 230. Socket outlets are of flat 3-pin type.

• All international brands of medication are available in well stocked pharmacies all over Cyprus.

• Telephones: Cyprus` automatic telephone dialling system reaches over 200 countries.Telecards can be purchased from Post Offices, kiosks and souvenir shops.

• It is forbidden to remove antiquities from the bottom of the sea, or to take them out of Cyprus without a special licence.

• Visitors should respect ecclesiastic traditions and avoid wearing shorts and sleeveless garments in churches and monasteries.

• Short cruises to the Greek islands, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria can be taken on one of the many comfortable cruise ships which offer full-board accommodation and entertainment at very reasonable prices.

• Tipping in restaurants, taxis etc is optional but always welcome.

• A reasonably priced delicious meal popular with the locals is `souvlaki stin pitta` - kebab in a special envelope-type bread.