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Beneath the whispering pines

Take a trip into the mountains for a refreshing break from the heat of the central plains and the coast. Rising to almost 2000 metres above sea level, the Troodos peaks provide panoramic views and a place to go skiing in winter.

Charming villages, some with cobbled streets and preserved folk architecture, nestle on terraced slopes amid vineyards and orchards of almond, hazelnut and cherry trees. Stop off at one of the cafes or restaurants next to a burbling mountain stream and try one of the preserved fruit desserts served as a typical island welcome, or dine on the locally produced rainbow trout, a speciality in the region,

Spend the day walking along one of the many nature trails, resting at a picnic site along the way, or visit the Visitor Centre in the Troodos forest park area. The Cedar Valley is home to an unusually large number of Cypriot cedars and so far from the madding crowds that the only sounds you will hear when you switch off the engine of your car are those of nature. In the evening nightingales songs will lull you to sleep.

The Troodos mountains are where the painted churches of Cyprus, superb examples of Byzantine art, can be found. The church of Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis in Kakopetria, together with those of Asinou and of Panagia toy Araka in the village of Lagoudera, are considered to be some of the most outstanding on the island.Kykkos Monastery, the largest on the island, has an excellent Byzantine museum and a golden icon of the Virgin Mary, allegedly painted by St.Luke.



See the famous pained churches of Cyprus, ten Byzantine churches on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, with their remarkable pitched wooden roofs, icons and frescoes. Scattered throughout the Troodos mountain areas of Marathassa, Solea and Pitsilia, they are often situated in beautiful settings among the trees and are bound to impress you.


The E-paths are designated by the European Ramblers Association and form a European network of 11 long-distance walking routes running for many thousands of kilometres across the whole of Europe. The Cyprus section of path E4 starts of finishes at Larnaca airport goes through Cape Gkreko, up into the Troodos mountains and down to the Akamas region, ending or starting at Pafos airport .Along the way it takes ramblers through areas of exceptional beauty, and significant ecological, historical, cultural and scientific interest.


Imagine life in the Stone Age by visiting the ancient settlements of Tenta and Choirokoitia with its quaint reconstructed round huts. Wander through the remains of the ancient city-kingdom of Kition, once a rich sea port and major copper trading centre. Admire the spectacular views from the cliff tops of Amathous and Kourion, the two ancient city-kingdoms that flank the modern town of Lemesos (Limassol). Amathous was where the world`s largest stone vase was found, now displayed in the Louvre Museum. The splendid Greco-Roman theatre at Kourion is still used for cultural performances today. Visit the world heritage sites of the sanctuary of Aphrodite at Kouklia, the Tombs of the Kings and the exquisite Pafos mosaics.




Follow in the footsteps of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty and protectress of Cyprus.


The route centres on the archaeological sites dedicated to the ancient cult of Aphrodite and includes Palaipafos (Kouklia), Amathous and Kition. These are linked to other sites and museums with artefacts related to the goddess.


Wander through layers of history, culture and mythology, as you learn all about her birth, mythology , character, the rituals connected with her cult, as well as plants and seashells associated with her.


There`s a myriad of events that take place in Cyprus throughout the year to tickle your fancy. Enjoy cultural performances with big star names in the most romantic settings from medieval castles to Greco-Roman theatres under starry Mediterranean skies. Book a ticket for the annual opera event in Pafos, attend an ancient Greek drama festival, enjoy a ``Musical Sunday`` οn the beach on a winter morning, or chase round the special stages of the Cyprus Car Rally.


Numerous traditional events are held throughout the year that you can also enjoy. Marvel at the sumptuous pageantry of Greek Orthodox Easter and become part of the celebrations of the many festivities held on the island, like Kataklysmos (the Festival of the Flood) in June, Epiphany by the sea in winter, or the many colourful village festivals throughout the summer.